NAME: Lorraine

AGE: 55

TIME (days): 40



EXCESS FAT: 14.50% TO 10.30%

BODY FAT FROM:  44.60% TO 10.30%

TOTAL WEIGHT FROM:  87kg TO  51.7kg

LEAN MUSCLE FROM:  48.3kg TO  86.7kg

HYDRATION FROM:  41.30% TO  46.40%

WAIST FROM:  96cm TO 92cm

Lorraine's Story

My weight has yo-yoed for years and I have never stuck to any particular diet, in fact looking back I was never really committed to losing fat until I tried exercise classes and discovered BSlim shakes.

How I did it.

I joined the Bslim fat loss group and I find this a motivating way to lose fat. I have been in the group now for less than 6 weeks and I am really pleased with the fast progress I am making. I have lost over 4% body fat and can actually see my body transforming. I take a bSlim shake for my breakfast and one as a snack later in the day. I am slimmer and more toned and healthier now than I was in my teens. This is all down to Bslim, clean eating and exercise with my mentor Mandy.

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