NAME: Leigh

AGE: 40

TIME (days): 28



EXCESS FAT: 23.50% TO 20.10%

BODY FAT FROM:  51.60% TO 47%

TOTAL WEIGHT FROM:  111kg TO  103.4kg

LEAN MUSCLE FROM:  54.9kg TO  54.7kg

HYDRATION FROM:  36.20% TO  38.80%

WAIST FROM:  98cm TO 88cm

Leigh's Story

Leigh is a 40 year old single mum with 3 children and weighing over 26 stone she felt she had no energy and struggled to keep up with her children. For medical reasons Leigh had a gastric sleeve operation to lose weight and still needs to lose a further 7 stone to achieve her ideal body weight.


After many years of domestic abuse and resorting to comfort eating my weight escalated to 27st 9lb and my GP told me it was becoming life threatening. Not least of all for the sake of my children I had a gastric bypass operation and even though the weight started to fall off after surgery, I remained concerned about muscle deterioration and how my body looked. It was then that I took up exercise, focused on a healthy diet and took bSlim twice daily. Losing weight after gastric surgery was the start for me but now I can see my body transforming and becoming more toned around my stomach, bum, legs and arms. Even saggy muscle is transforming into solid, lean muscle. I have lost an amazing 12st 6lb and have gone from a size 30 to a 14/16. With bSlim not only am I toning up I am losing inches off my hips, waist, thighs and arms. I know I am a totally different person now in every way possible. bSlim has helped me transform myself into a confident person and thank my mentor Mandy for all the support and encouragement to help me along my journey.

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