What Our Customer Says

I have never felt or looked better! Amazing results.
After only 3 weeks of starting my weight loss programme with bSlim and group fitness I have never felt or looked better! I take an hour each day to exercise in one of the bSlim exercise classes such as Zumba and I take 2 bSlim shakes a day and I am staggered at how my weight has dropped off. This is a great fat loss plan, a fat burning shake that tastes great and leaves you feeling full but not bloated and a great group exercise mentor I am so motivated to keep going and just know I am going to achieve the most amazing results which I never thought possible.



Such a great confidence booster
When I heard about bSlim I was very sceptical in the beginning and could not see how I could change my body for the better without doing something drastic. Well, it’s only been about 6 weeks since I started and already I have noticed dramatic changes to my weight and body shape. It has been such a great confidence booster in such a short time. It’s wonderful to have friends and family noticing and commenting on my weight loss and how well I look and already it has become life changing.


I am really pleased with the fast progress
My weight has yo-yoed for years and I have never stuck to any particular diet, in fact looking back I was never really committed to losing fat until I tried exercise classes and discovered bSlim shakes. I joined the bSlim fat loss group and I find this a motivating way to lose fat. I have been in the group now for less than 6 weeks and I am really pleased with the fast progress I am making. I have lost over 4% body fat and can actually see my body transforming. I take a bSlim shake for my breakfast and one as a snack later in the day. I am slimmer and more toned and healthier now than I was in my teens. This is all down to bSlim, clean eating and exercise with my mentor Mandy.



I have lost an amazing 12st 6lb
I had a gastric bypass operation and even though the weight started to fall off after surgery, I remained concerned about muscle deterioration and how my body looked. It was then that I took up exercise, focused on a healthy diet and took bSlim twice daily. Losing weight after gastric surgery was the start for me but now I can see my body transforming and becoming more toned around my stomach, bum, legs and arms. Even saggy muscle is transforming into solid, lean muscle. I have lost an amazing 12st 6lb and have gone from a size 30 to a 14/16. With bSlim not only am I toning up I am losing inches off my hips, waist, thighs and arms. I know I am a totally different person now in every way possible. bSlim has helped me transform myself into a confident person and thank my mentor Mandy for all the support and encouragement to help me along my journey.



So easy to introduce into my daily routine
bSlim shakes have been so easy to introduce into my daily routine. I take bSlim for breakfast as time is not on my side with 4 children. I like to put my shake in a blender with fruit and milk and this leaves me feeling full all morning. They are so easy to prepare and can be done on the run which is fantastic for me and I love the flavours. I feel that the bslim shakes have had a huge impact on me so far. Since drinking one in the morning and one at night after exercise I feel I have more energy, no belly bloating and I really do feel great.



I feel great, no ups or downs as with some diets
I have been using bSlim for about 6 weeks now and I delighted with the results. I have been having two shakes a day, eating clean and working out in low level group fitness and I feel great. The weight is dropping off and I'm building lean muscle, and what is so remarkable is it's happening in such a short space of time. I feel great, no ups or downs as with some diets, my moods are balanced and best of all I see the fat coming off. bSlim is a lifestyle choice for me rather than a fad diet and it tastes great and it works. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.



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